Chapter 1: Steam-powered Sherlocks. Return of the mischievous duo!

Chapter 2: Time to spare.

Job Bulletin:

  • Nearly departed. “My grandfather is a genius. Many would pay untold millions to gain his secrets but he plans to take them with him and in a way he has. Please help us get to the city of Manifest only then can he be sure that his secrets remain…well secret.”
  • refined tastes, unique palettes. “Seeking brave young assistants for this years Adamantine hearth cooking showdown. Must have a rugged adventuring spirit and a open mind to new things. The contest is to be held in rhuul this year”
  • A sound that kills? “Seeking extra security for a dangerous job. Transferring an artifact from a recently uncovered lab to be disposed of. References required and must check out.”

Steamlight and city shadows

RAFFLE cooie adrodg