Steamlight and city shadows

Back to business

Business was slow so we did the usual thing and went out looking for trouble. We left our new intern at the desk, and had ArchDuke do a little spring cleaning.

Edo went to his contact in the flock and was able to scrape up some interesting info. It seems that there have been shipments of coffin shaped boxes arriving in the city at night. It wasn’t clear what was in these boxes so Edo did the natural thing and assumed undead…

Meanwhile I hobnobbed around the various quarters passing out cards and generally being congenial. I met with Timothy and he gave me some vague info about the general suspiciousness of the Bartone family. It seems they showed up in the city a few years ago with gobs of money. This in itself is suspicious, generally you don’t get that much money without climbing over corpses at some point. But then they made a big show of being philanthropic… definitely organized crime of some sort….

We started our investigation by going down to the docks and poking around, no suspicious ships during the day. We attempted to bribe a dockworker to give us info about ships coming and going. We also saw a warforged with an unusual body. ArchDuke asked him where he was from and he had no idea. We took mental note of the symbols on him and left the docks.

We then went to the library and read up on old warforged. We learned about their construction process etc, but no mention of these symbols or this warforged’s body frame. When we returned to the office we had a packet that contained shipping info for that night.

We rested, ate, played some pinochle, and then left for the docks. We got there and observed a boat slipping into a mooring. The boat was dark and it wasn’t flying a flag…


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